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Professor Paulo Correia appointed editor-in-chief of IET Biometrics magazine

The professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will hold the position until 2022, together with a professor from Nanyang Technological University.

Paulo Correia, Técnico professor (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – DEEC) and IT researcher (Multimedia Signal Processing group), was appointed editor-in-chief of the IET Biometrics magazine for 2020-2022. The position will be shared with Xudong Jiang, professor at Nanyang Technological University.

According to professor Paulo Correia, “this choice results from the recognition of the research that I have developed and my role in various projects and institutions”. The Técnico professor is the working group leader in several international projects, he is the chairman of the EURASIP “Biometrics, Data Forensics, and Security” Technical Area Committee (TAC), and editor of Elsevier Signal Processing.

The IET Biometrics magazine exists since 2012 and, as professor Paulo Correia stresses, “it has played an important role in supporting biometrics research groups”. In the next three years as editor-in-chief, the Técnico professor expects “to increase the quality of the magazine, for example, by publishing IET Biometrics special issues on important and current topics”. “There are many challenges related to the use of biometric recognition systems, including the adoption of techniques that allow a better performance in adverse operating conditions, as well as their resistance to increasingly sophisticated attacks that result from the developments on artificial intelligence, or even issues related to privacy and security of personal information”, highlights the IT researcher.

Biometric technology changed our daily lives, from cell phones to airports, through workplaces, and according to some recent news, it will soon be used in ATMs and cars. Biometric recognition is the automated recognition of individuals based on their behavioral and biological characteristics. Accenture report highlights “biometrics is emerging as the bedrock of keeping consumers’ financial transactions and data secure while ensuring a compelling user experience”. Cisco report highlights “users expect their online experience to be always available and always secure—and their personal and business assets to be safe”. According to Professor Paulo Correia “part of the security problem can be solved using biometrics for authentication”.