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Sky joins Técnico Partner Network

The Técnico Partner Network currently includes of 17 companies.

“Establishing partnerships with the business sector has been a priority for Técnico in recent years”, said the president of Instituto Superior Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, at the signing ceremony held at Técnico, this Tuesday, September 21. The Técnico Partner Network currently includes of 17 companies.

“Technological change is happening too quickly, so it doesn’t make any sense to teach scientific and technological subjects without looking at the problems of our companies. We must try to contribute to their resolution”, said professor Rogério Colaço. “Strengthen links with business and companies will improve students training and their entry into the job market”, he added.

António Vieira, Director at Sky Technology Centre – Portugal and Técnico alumnus, highlighted the company’s growth in the Portuguese market, the large number of engineers that work at Sky and the high demand for professionals in this area.

“I hope we may continue to deepen our collaboration with Técnico in other areas, namely diversity and inclusion. I would like to challenge you to find ways to attract more female talent to these areas”.

With 24 million customers across seven countries and more than 31000 employees, Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company. The technology centre in Portugal was formally inaugurated at the end of 2015. Earlier this year, Sky partnered with Técnico to the renovation of the RNL laboratories located in DEI building.