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Sound Particles receives support from the European Commission

The startup created by a Técnico alumnus will be one of the six startups covered by Horizon 2020 funding.

Sound Particles, a startup created by the Técnico alumnus Nuno Fonseca, will receive a 1,2 million euro funding, under the EIC Accelerator Pilot. The EU investment will cover 70% of a 1,78 million euros project that aims to develop a broader version of its 3D audio software.

If you think you have never heard of this startup you are wrong. Sound Particles is responsible for 3D audio software used in movies and TV series such as “Game of Thrones”, “Batman versus Superman “,” Aquaman “,” The Mummy “and” Wonder Woman”.

Although the startup has been created in 2016, it has already received €400,000 from Indico Capital Partners.

The startup created by Nuno Fonseca presented a project to improve its software, as well as a number of business events aiming to reach larger customer segments.

In total, the European Commission allocated 149 million euros in financing 83 SMEs and startups. Among the Portuguese startups, besides Sound Particles, also Winegrid, Nuada, MyDidimo, Pro Done and Cleverly, received 9,09 million euros.