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Técnico celebrates and recognises academic excellence

This is the 3rd edition of the Diploma Award Ceremony for Academic Excellence organised by the Pedagogic Council, which aims to recognise students’ academic excellence and the work of all Técnico community.

This Tuesday, April 17, took place the 3rd edition of the Diploma Award Ceremony for Academic Excellence organised by the Pedagogic Council (PC), in order to recognise the efforts and the work carried out by the best students.

The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, opened the ceremony highlighting the “importance of the event” and that “the academic excellence of our students makes Técnico one of the top engineering schools”. Professor Arlindo Oliveira took the opportunity to thank students for their “effort and dedication in promoting the image of Técnico” and stressed “the atmosphere of healthy competition at Técnico” and “the passion of those who study engineering”.

Nuno Guerreiro, student vice-president of PC and student of academic merit, began to say “today we celebrate the best of Técnico”. During his speech he also spoke about the dedication, resilience, talent and capacity of work of students. “Técnico students are different from the rest, they are the students of tomorrow, so what we have here in this room is the future of our country, that is,  our future”.

Professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, president of the Scientific Council (SC) recalled the “demanding standards at Técnico that everybody who studied or are studying here is aware of”, which “makes these awards even more worthy”. “We are here to celebrate the excellence of engineers who will be part of a Portuguese society that does not yet exists”, he concluded.

The president of the PC, professor Raquel Aires-Barros, thanked all people involved in this event: students, families and professors. The president of the PC praised students for “their hard work and merit that will help to create a better future”.

The diplomas for academic excellence and academic merit, regarding the academic year 2016/2017, were delivered at the end of the ceremony to 120 students who will remember what they have been told: “You are the best”.

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