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Técnico draws up new Prevention and Action Plan against COVID-19

Following the evolution and spread of COVID-19, a set of new preventive measures were prepared in order to protect Técnico community, following the government and health care entities directives. In this sense, Técnico drew up a new Prevention and Action Plan against COVID-19, which is a strategic tool that aims to put into action adequate containment measures according to the level of risk; ensure monitoring and early identification of the situation and a strategic communication regarding COVID-19, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the school, according to the level of risk.

The Plan follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), as well as the National Contingency Plan and the guidelines of the General Health Directorate (DGS).

This Plan establishes the measures and procedures for academic and non-academic activities at Técnico 2020/2021.

See below some of the rules / guidelines included in the Plan. It should be noted that this summary does not replace the full reading of the new Técnico’s Prevention and Action Plan against COVID-19, which should be read by the entire community.

What rules do I need to follow inside Técnico campuses and halls of residence?

• The use of face mask is mandatory, including outdoors. The refusal to use a mask implies a prohibition of entering and remaining in Técnico spaces;
• Temperature screening before entering the campuses (less than 37.5°C);
• Identification and registration of visitors and suppliers for contact tracing;
• Respect 2m social distancing;
• Pay attention to the specific signposting inside the buildings; try to walk on the right in common spaces. If you cross paths with other people on stairs, the handrail should be used by those most in need (examples: people with limited mobility, people who are going down);
• Skip the elevator, take the stairs. If you use the elevator, respect the guidelines;
• Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited;
• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. If soap and water are not readily available use alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
• Natural ventilation of spaces must be maintained whenever possible;

What hygiene products and personal protective equipment will be provided by Técnico?

• Hand sanitizer dispensers placed in strategic locations;
• Floor mats – disinfecting shoes with floor mats, indoors, namely in areas of increased affluence or with specific needs. In order to be effective, everyone must remain on the floor mat for an adequate time (approximately 2 seconds);
• Protective hygienic barriers between workstations (professors, researchers and staff);
• Reusable social masks for IST employees;
• Waste bins placed in corridors and common spaces for the collection of undifferentiated waste and disposable PPE. Deposition of this type of waste in the waste bins placed inside the offices, classrooms, laboratories, etc., is not allowed.
• Disposable wipes for cleaning workstations.

What to do if I have COVID-19 symptoms while staying at Técnico?

• Contact the Health, Safety and Security Services at Técnico (NSHS)

Alameda Campus – internal line 2000 or Tel. 218 418 000
Taguspark Campus – internal line 5002 or Tel.214 233 202
CTN Campus – internal line 2000 or Tel.219 946 000
E-mail –

Everyone with COVID-19 symptoms will be taken to an isolation room and follows the procedures defined in the Plan

Alameda Campus – Room 2.14 – Health Services
Taguspark Campus – Room 2N12.2.
CTN Campus – Health Services (LPSR building).
Hall of Residence – Baldaques – Room next to the living room.

The isolation rooms are equipped with telephone, chair or couch, water and some non-perishable foods, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, disposable face masks and gloves, paper towels, waste container, thermometer and cleaning equipment.

What to do if I test positive for COVID-19?

• Inform the NSHS, which will follows the procedures indicated in the Plan;
• You can return to Técnico campuses after showing a medical declaration in accordance with the guidelines of the DGS.

What to do when a close contact outside Técnico tests positive for COVID-19?

• Before entering Técnico campuses, you should contact the NSHS that will assess the situation.

NOTE: This procedure applies to both Técnico community and external suppliers or visitors.

Are there specific guidelines when using the different spaces?

Yes. In order to learn more about this topic, we advise you to read the Plan, where you will find the guidelines and rules when using:

• Libraries,
• Classrooms,
• Study rooms,
• Laboratories,
• Face-to-face services,
• Cafeterias and canteens,
• Bus and shuttle,
• Bathroom facilities