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Técnico engineering courses are once again the top choices of best students

The results of the 1st phase of the National Competition for Access to Public Higher Education (CNAES) were released this Sunday. Técnico engineering courses are once again leading the list of courses that set the highest admission grades. This year, three engineering courses shared the 1st place: Aerospace Engineering (IST), Engineering Physics  (IST) and Industrial Engineering and Management (FEUP), which set the admission average at 19.13 (out of 20).

Applied Mathematics and Computation (18.83) and Biomedical Engineering (18.58) are once again in the national top-10 courses with the highest minimum grade point, both beating last year’s results.

CNAES results reflect that Técnico continues to be the best students’ choice. Six new students had the high admission grade – 20 points – a remarkable admission average that earned them direct entry to Engineering Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Information Systems and Computer Engineering (Alameda) and Biomedical Engineering.

The grades of the last student admitted in the other Técnico courses were as follows:

• Information Systems and Computer Engineering (Alameda) – 18.35
• Architecture – 17.05
• Biological Engineering – 17.80
• Civil Engineering – 13.55
• Materials Engineering – 16.73
• Electrical and Computer Engineering – 16.45
• Mechanical Engineering – 18.10
• Chemical Engineering – 17.03
• Environmental Engineering – 16.13
• Mining and Geological Engineering – 12.88
• Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – 17.03
• Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering – 15.40
• Industrial Engineering and Management – 17.73
• Information Systems and Computer Engineering (Taguspark) – 17.70
• Electronics Engineering – 15.65

1663 students were admitted and all the vacancies were filled during the 1st phase of access to public higher education. 59% of students got their first choice course.