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Técnico makes students dream at Futurália

During the first day, many young people visited Técnico exhibition stand to clarify their doubts about “the best engineering school”.

The largest Education, Training and Employability Fair in Portugal – Futurália, took place this week. “This is almost like going to Rossio during rush hour”, said a young participant who visited Técnico stand in the first day, April 3rd. “Visiting this stand was my top priority”, said Diogo Castelo Branco, who will enter university next academic year.

“There aren’t two futures alike. Choose yours” – is the motto of Futurália 2019 edition. Some students come alone and others come with friends, but most of the participants come with their class and teachers. About 550 entities and companies from 15 countries participate in this year’s edition, helping students to prepare their academic and professional future.

TL Moto prototype and FST Lisboa race car got students’ attention. “Did you build those cars?” was the most asked question. Students also asked questions about the courses, admission grades, professional opportunities and what is like to study at a demanding school like Técnico.

Catarina Valério considers Técnico “the best engineering school”. She is interested in studying engineering but she didn’t choose the course yet, so she visited Técnico stand. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Physics are some possibilities. “I hear a lot of Técnico. I know that the academic offer at Técnico is excellent and that Técnico graduates can get a job easily. That’ s why I am considering to study at Técnico“ she said.

Miguel Jacinto has already decided to study Computer Science and Engineering but he didn’t choose the university. “Studying at Técnico is a possibility because it’s a very good school. I know it’s a demanding school but it doesn’t scare me”.

More than 80 thousand young people are expected to visit Futurália until Saturday, 6th April.