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Técnico seized the spotlight during Futurália

Thousands of students overrun Técnico exhibition stand every day to get information about the courses and to clear their doubts.

“I am sure that I want to study at Técnico, but I still have some doubts” – this is the most often heard comment from students at the 11th edition of Futurália. Most of the students are aware of what they want but have some doubts. Others, although few, want to know if Técnico will meet their expectations.

The Formula Student car developed by Formula Student Lisboa (FST Lisboa) captivates a lot of attention. Many students are surprised to know that the car was designed and build by Técnico students. “Are you serious? Can we design and build a car like this one?”, asked the students who stared at the FST car.

Ana Carolina Costa had to wait in the queue for several minutes to clarify some doubts. When her turn came, she asked a lot of questions and, at the end, she was fully convinced. “When the time comes I will only apply to one university: Técnico”, stressed the young student. “I want to study at Técnico and that is that!”, she says.

Besides students, also professors, parents, psychologists and vocational supervisors attended Futurália. According to Luís Alves, member of the Student Support Unit at Técnico – NAPE, “these events are really important to clarify doubts and to demystify the ideas about Técnico”. “We share our experience as students and we give them information about the career opportunities, the different courses and the outstanding employment rates of recent graduates from Técnico. Sometimes we left them speechless”, says Luís Alves.

Futurália started on Monday, March 12, and will end on Saturday. During the four days it is expected that an additional 80,000 visitors will attend this year’s edition. Besides Técnico, more than 500 national and international institutions attended this event. By the number of people who visited Técnico exhibition stand, many students are preparing to apply for Técnico.