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Técnico professor distinguished by the International Water Association

Besides the merit award, the researcher and professor Rui Cunha Marques was invited to deliver an inaugural lecture at the “Tribunal de Contas da União do Brasil”.

The academic and scientific background of professor Rui Cunha Marques earned him the recent merit award from the International Water Association. “I am happy to see my work recognised. This proves that the dedication and passion for what we do is always rewarded sooner or later”, declares the professor from the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources.

“Over these 20 years of academic dedication he has accomplished an honourable and successful career, publishing more than 400 scientific articles including books, theses and over 160 articles in renowned magazines” – these are some of the words that can be found in the text from the International Water Association that distinguished the awarded. The regulation and assessment of the performance of infrastructure services have been the focus of professor Rui Cunha Marques’ work since 1994. His contributions for the public services were huge in several areas, “namely at scientific level, since I am one of the researchers with more published and cited articles in this area”, highlights professor Rui Cunha Marques. “I have always tried to complement my engineering course with other areas, which allowed me to have a broader vision about problems and challenges”, he says.