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Técnico recognises the Best Practices of 2022

In its 5th edition, the ObservIST recognised 20 best practices.

The ObservIST certificates delivery ceremony took place this Tuesday morning, November 8, at Alameda Campus. The ceremony included the presentation of the 20 Best Practices recognised in 2022, followed by the delivery of certificates by the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço.

According to President of Técnico, “the ObservIST aims to recognise individual and teamwork” in order “to further improve Técnico’s mission”. The best practices recognised are an example “of what is expected from Técnico’s culture and community”, he added.

The President of the Pedagogical Council, professor Teresa Peña, highlighted the benefits of this initiative: “The dissemination and transparency of what is well done” combined with “a greater sense of community and sharing, with a multiplier effect”.

Several Best Practices were recognised in 2022, in the thematic fields of Human Resources; Communication; Internationalisation; Research, Development and Innovation; Process and Quality; Technology Transfer.

The Scholarship Programme, coordinated by the Academic Development Unit, was recognised the “Best Practice of the Year”. These scholarships result from partnerships established with patrons aiming to support students with academic potential who, due to socio-economic needs, are unable to cover their school expenses.

The photo gallery of the ceremony is available here.

• Human Resources
• APIST Kindergarten
• Delegates Training Programme
• Training Impact Evaluation System
• Training Follow-up System
• Scholarship Programme – “Best Practice of the year”

• Communication
• “ISTo é Técnico”
• #MulheresNoTécnico (#WomenAtTécnico): Social Media Campaigns of ComunicaCiência Group
• Técnico Social Media Guide
• Communication Group of Técnico’s Departments for the dissemination and organisation of initiatives to promote Técnico’s teaching.

• Internationalisation
• Study@Técnico Webinar Series
• Tax Identification Number (TIN) issuance support service for the international community of Técnico Lisboa

• Research, Development and Innovation
• CERIS Day Out 2021
• Project “Pensar Verde – Técnico”
• IPFN Science Summer Camp
• “Treme-Treme” – Educational project

• Processes and Quality
• Biblioteca@Técnico: change strategies and continuous improvement
• Promotion of mental health and inclusion among Técnico’s academic community
• Técnico Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion
• Pilot courses on “Life Cycle Assessment of Construction”
• Classroom Observation at Técnico

• Technology Transfer
• Técnico Business Cards