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6th ObservIST Call recognises 12 Best Practices

The Best Practices at Técnico have been recognised in various thematic fields.

Every year, the Best Practices Observatory at Técnico (ObservIST) recognises several projects that aim to fulfil Técnico’s strategic goals. 12 Best Practices were recognised following the 6th ObservIST Call.

Explain it like I’m 5 – talks about science at Técnico for children and other curious people of all ages – was elected the “Best Practice of the year 2021” by the jury. This initiative is promoted by the Science Communication group of Técnico Research Units (ComunicaCiência). The talks go live on Técnico’s Facebook page, on Saturday mornings, once in a month. Técnico scientists are challenged to explain the scientific work they develop using simple and accessible language to a five-year-old child, aiming to stimulate children’s interest in science.

The 12 best practices recognised fall into 6 out of a total of 11 thematic fields defined by the ObservIST : Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation, Technology Transfer, Communication, Human Capital and Sustainable Development.

The 4th ObservIST meeting will take place on 12th October and will provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about these Best Practices.

Since its creation in 2015, 73 Best Practices have been recognised by the ObservIST, in a wide range of fields, by expert review teams. More information about these best practices is available at ObservIST website, as well the Best Practices recognised at the 6th ObservIST’s Call.

12 Best Practice Award Winners:

Higher Education
• Supervision of master theses based on Scrum;
• Exonline: Use of Open edEX platform to assess students‘ performance (tests, exams);
• Recover, organize and make digital information available at Técnico Library: an evolving reality;

Research, Development and Innovation
• Safely CERIS Day Out 2020 during COVID19;

Technology Transfer
• Lab2Market@Técnico

• Explain it like I’m 5 – talks about science at Técnico for children and other curious people of all ages;
• ‘ISTO É’ Podcast;
• Faraday News;
• ‘Grupo Comunica Ciência’, – internal/external communication of science carried out at Técnico;
• Virtual Visit to Técnico;

Human Capital
• Working@Tecnico: Assessment of Psychosocial Risks at Técnico;

Sustainable Development
• ‘Mecânica I’ makes the difference!