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Técnico scientist returns to his school in Madeira

The educational programme “Cientista Regressa à Escola” ("Scientist Returns to School") started its 2023 edition with the Técnico professor and president of ITI Larsys, Nuno Nunes, who returned to his primary school in Madeira.

The Primary School of Pena, in Funchal, welcomed 44 years later its former student Nuno Nunes, Técnico professor and researcher, under the educational programme “Cientista Regressa à Escola” (“Scientist Returns to School”). This February, students from two 4th year classes had the opportunity to learn basic notions of programming and learn more about artificial intelligence from the Técnico professor (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) and President of the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI LARSyS).

Since 2021, Técnico has been a partner of Native Scientists in the dissemination of this educational programme within its scientific community. Through this partnership, which takes scientists to their 1st cycle schools, Técnico empowers scientists in science communication – as they receive prior training in the area – promoting scientific literacy and fighting against inequality in access to science in the country.

Since September 2021, 16 scientists have returned to their schools under this programme. The organisation estimates that by the end of 2023, 24 more Portuguese scientists will do so.

The Técnico professors and researchers who have already participated in previous editions were Margarida Palma, Nuno Canha and Rui Ferreira.