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Técnico Solar Boat stood out in Monaco

The Técnico team ranked 2nd (class A) in Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge.

“We ranked 2nd in our class in Monaco challenge! This was our best result ever!”, this was the announcement made by Técnico Solar Boat team, this Saturday, 7th July, on social media. The Técnico team stood out throughout Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge, achieving 1st place in the qualifying round.

Less than 24 hours after winning the 1st place in the qualifying round, the team ranked 1st in Endurance race. In the last two challenges the team kept their excellent performance. The Técnico team ranked 2nd in the Championship Race and 4th in the Slalom competition.

This was Técnico Solar Boat best result ever. The work, the commitment and the dedication of the team were key to achieve this remarkable result and honoured the image of Técnico and Portugal overseas. “Our hard work, our effort and our sacrifice were worth it and we feel rewarded. We are very proud to represent Portugal and Instituto Superior Técnico. This is a unique experience and this will remain forever in our memories”, says Dinis Rodrigues, the team leader.