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Técnico welcomes students “from around the world”

About 550 international students have just arrived at Técnico. They came from 72 different countries and praise IST.

“Técnico is quite famous in the Chinese student community and it’s a top school in Portugal. Besides that Lisbon is a beautiful city and is very close to the sea”. These were the reasons why Chungjun Ouyang, a 22 year-old Chinese student, chose Técnico to study Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering during one semester. According to Matilde Telmon, an Italian student, “Técnico is the best school in Portugal” and that’s why she chose to study Industrial Engineering and Management at Técnico. Rafael Reijman, who came from Brazil, chose Aerospace Engineering highlighting “the prestige of the course”.

What brought Adela Simickova, a 23 years-old from the Czech Republic, to IST was “the good climate of this city and the quality of Técnico” . Juan Malagón Garcia, from México, chose Técnico for its leading position in highly recognised international rankings. “Mexican students want to be the best, so we want to study in top universities”, he adds.

Srilaksmi Gopal came directly from India and chose IST due to the available curricular units on public policies in the energy sector.

These are some testimonies of “about 550 international students from around the world” who will be studying at Técnico this academic year, said professor Luís Miguel Silveira, the Vice-president of IST for International Affairs during the welcome session held at the congress centre. The audience was composed of students from 72 different countries who “are preparing themselves for the beginning of a great adventure: to study one semester or one year at Técnico”, he added. “I hope you enjoy the experience of doing a MSc course at Técnico and continue here to do a PhD”, added professor Luís Miguel Silveira.

During the session, a member of the Portuguese Public Security Police shared some safety tips with the audience and highlighted that Lisbon is the 5th safest city in the world (96% of tourists feel safe in Lisbon).

In the previous academic year, Italy, Germany, Spain and Brazil were the countries of origin of the bulk of international students who came to Técnico. This year’s indicators will be available soon.