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The minds behind outstanding students

The two young students who entered Técnico have high expectations about the course and feel well prepared to meet the school’s requirements.

Luís Silva and Catarina Lobo don’t seem very comfortable in the spotlight. They are outstanding students: both of them had two of the country’s highest average grades and entered the Integrated MSc programme in Aerospace Engineering at Técnico.

Catarina comes from Gaia and Luís comes from Porto. Besides their excellent grades they also share common interests: Mathematics and Physics. . Their interest in airplanes and the curricular plan were the main reasons for choosing the course. “I have recently realised that this would be the perfect choice”, says Catarina.

They don’t consider themselves geniuses, but rather focused students who are able to manage their time. “The tips to become the best student are: be focused, keep updated, like what you are doing and know what you want,” says Luís. Catarina agrees: “You have to be focused on what you want because, after all, this is a very important part of our lives”.

The multidisciplinarity of the course is what they like the most. Although they aren’t sure about what to do after finishing the course because “it’s too soon for that”, they know that “with time and knowledge we will find out”, says Luís.

They are well aware of “Técnico’s requirements” and “the years of hard work”, but this doesn’t scare them. “I am sure that this will be a very demanding year but it will also be a high significant step”, says Luís Silva. First of all “we must get to know Técnico, prepare ourselves to meet its requirements and hope that the school can bring out the best of me”, says Catarina.