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The challenging questions raised by the book “Digital Minds” can be read in Portuguese

The book by professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, was edited by IST Press and presented last Friday.

The Portuguese version of the book “Digital Minds: How Science is Redefining Humanity” by professor Arlindo Oliveira, presidente of Instituto Superior Técnico, was edited by IST Press and launched at Técnico last Friday, November 24.

The book was presented by two colleagues and friends of professor Arlindo de Oliveira: Mário Figueiredo, professor at Técnico and António Costa Silva, invited professor at Técnico and CEO of PARTEX OIL AND GAS.

“The book is fascinating from the beginning until the end. It addresses topics as wide as computation, physics, biology, the human brain and artificial intelligence”, remarked professor Mário Figueiredo. According to the professor “this book wisely addresses several topics” and although being complex, “Arlindo addresses them in a very pleasant, clear and pedagogical way”, said professor Mário Figueiredo, who also noted “I advise you to read the book, but not at night and never in bed. Because when you start reading this book you will not fall asleep. This book will have the opposite effect on you: it will stimulate your brain and you will want to know more about these topics”.

According to professor António Costa da Silva “this is a remarkable book which addresses some of the key issues of our time”. “After we read the first chapter we rapidly read the following pages”, noted the CEO of PARTEX OIL AND GAS. The emotional intelligence of the author, the detail of the thoughts, the wide knowledge and the passions of the president of Técnico were some details that professor António Costa Silva found while he was reading the book. “It makes us think about the digital, but above all in the future that awaits us”, he concluded.

“I have been listening very carefully to what Mário and António were saying and I confess that I didn’t know that the book was so good”, said the author jokingly. “I was thinking about this book for a long time and, when the opportunity came, I decided to include several topics that I consider fascinating in one book. Apparently it worked well.”, explained professor Arlindo Oliveira.