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“This is an opportunity to gain practical experience”

For two days, the participants of HILTI Engineering Challenge had the opportunity to test and apply their skills and knowledge in a practical case.

The 1st edition of HILTI Engineering Challenge took place last week. This is an initiative promoted by HILTI Portugal that aims to size and assemble a mixed structure (combine steel and concrete structures through chemical and mechanical anchor systems).

For two days the participants had the opportunity to test and apply their skills and knowledge in a practical case. At the same time, all school community could participate in different challenges of the Roadshow organised by the company.

André Henriques and Sara Carneiro Góis, Civil Engineering students, participated in the challenge. According to both students, this experience is a complement to the theoretical teaching in class. “This is an opportunity to gain practical experience”, said Sara Carneiro Góis.

HILTI Engineering Challenge was created in 2015 and, this year, Técnico organised its 1st edition. Cristina Valente, from HILTI Portugal (Human Resources), gave an overview of the company, talked about its professional opportunities and noted that this initiative “brings together the academic and the labour world”.

On the second day the wining group was announced: Hilteligents (João Agostinho, Pedro Pereira, Daniel Trindade and Gonçalo Gomes) presented the best solution in the resistance tests and, as winners, they are automatically selected to an interview for the recruitment process at HILTI.

This challenge was promoted by HILTI Portugal, with the support of professors of curricular unit Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (professor Rita Bento and professor Mario Lopes) and LERM – The Structures and Strength of Materials Laboratory.