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Three brilliant minds will pursue their studies at Técnico

João Seixas e Sousa, Margarida Oliveira and Vasco Castro got into Técnico with an outstanding admission average – 20 points. According to these remarkable students, motivation and well-defined goals is the key to academic success.

Vasco Lopes de Castro (Aerospace Engineering) believes that luck is also an important factor for academic success. “In addition to my aptitude for these areas, I feel that I was very lucky so far. My parents are both doctors and always aroused my curiosity about Science, they have always supported me and my brother, who studied with me. My teachers have always encouraged me. Good grades always made me feel happy”.

Despite being passionate about Physics, Vasco chose Aerospace Engineering as first choice course. “Aerospace Engineering can lead to job opportunities that I like most, while Physics is a very broad area of study and I would probably end up working in a branch of Physics that didn’t interest me so much”, he says.

“The last few days were more or less calm, because it was almost impossible not to get into my first choice course”, recalls João Seixas e Sousa, who also entered Aerospace Engineering and whose family has a long tradition at Técnico. His father got a degree from Técnico and his two brothers study at Técnico (Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Physics). “I have always had a natural inclination towards engineering, and it was hard not to follow my family tradition”, he says.

At an early age João became interested in Mathematics and Physics and later on he also became interested in aviation. He hesitated until the last moment between Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Physics, but he ended up choosing the first one. “My brothers always got great grades and I always wondered if I could be at the same level. Little by little, I managed to reach their level. Their academic path inspired me”.

Margarida Oliveira considered studying in Porto, where she was born. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I thought that the Técnico course was tailored to my interests and, furthermore, it has a strong link to LIP and other research centers”, stresses the Engineering Physics student.

Margarida has not always been passionate for Physics, she is also fascinated by the art world and she often draws to relax. “It’s very difficult for artists to make a living solely on their artwork. I’m sure that my passion for Physics, which is equal or greater than my passion for the arts, will be rewarded by the career opportunities that await me”, she says.

The three new students are aware that they are about to enter a new stage in their lives. “I think the next years will be more difficult, I am not expecting such high grades as I had in the previous years, but I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life and that’s great”, highlights João. “I have always done my best and I am continuing to do the same here”, says Vasco.

“I imagine myself having a career in astrophysics or in particle physics. I would like to work at CERN or NASA”, shares Margarida. “My aim is to work abroad after graduation. I’d love to pursue a career in the space sector”, shares Vasco. João sees himself working both in the aviation and management areas, and perhaps becoming an entrepreneur. “I want to challenge myself at work every day. I hope to broaden my knowledge and I know that the Aerospace Engineer course will give me many career opportunities”.