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“Thank you for helping me to pursue my studies and my dreams”

The 6 Técnico students who earned the Amélia de Mello Foundation and Bondalti scholarships feel grateful, supported, valued and willing to fight for their dreams. The signing ceremony took place this Thursday, April 29th. Diogo Bento (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Tiago Ferreira (Mechanical Engineering), Maria Pedrosa (Mechanical Engineering) and João Dinis Álvares (Engineering Physics) received renewed scholarships. Nuno Fernandes (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and José Luís Coelho (Aerospace Engineering) are the new scholarship holders.

“If it weren’t for this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my course , so I am really grateful and I would like to thank you very much”, said João Dinis Álvares. “Thank you for helping me to pursue my studies and my dreams. This scholarship is really important to me and to my family”, stressed Maria Pedrosa.

“Receiving this support in the first year of the course is a great motivation for the coming years”, said Nuno Fernandes. “This scholarship will allow me to build my own future, of which I will be proud, without worrying about the expenses that it might involve”, he added. “Scholarships encourage us to continue studying, to pursue our dreams, and not to give up on these due to external factors”, stressed José Luís Coelho

Professor Alexandre Francisco, Vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs, highlighted the importance of this support. “I would like to thank Amélia de Mello Foundation and Bondalti for their support and for recognising the merit of our students”.

Dr André de Albuquerque, Executive Board Member at Bondalti, highlighted the company’s committment “to promote Engineering and Chemistry, which are directly related to our main activity”. “Bondalti is a socially responsible company since its genesis. Our projects focus on the surrounding communities and on economic and social development, as well as on a prosperous and sustainable future”.

“You are outstanding students. It’s important that we praise you for your academic achievements. You are a great example for society. The fact that you need a scholarship is a transitory phenomenon for us, what really matters is your motivation and your work”, stressed Dr Jorge Quintas, Secretary-General of Amélia de Mello Foundation.

The ceremony was also attended by professor Pedro Coelho, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM), professor Paulo André, representing DEEC coordination, professor Paulo Fernandes, member of the coordination team of Mechanical Engineering MSc programme, and professor Ilídio Lopes, member of the coordination team of Engineering Physics MSc programme.