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Twenty-four innovative good practices at Técnico

The number of good practices recognised and certified at Técnico has doubled.

The 2nd meeting organised by ObservIST took place this Wednesday, June 6. Twelve good practices were shared and certified during this meeting.

The open session of the meeting was chaired by professor Luís Castro, vice-president of Técnico for Financial Management, who stressed the importance of this event. “Moments like this are very important because besides sharing with the community what we do well, we also share the things we want to improve”, highlighted the vice-president of Técnico.

Professor Fátima Montemor, vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs and also president of the Quality Management Council, professor Raquel Aires de Barros, president of the Pedagogic Council, professor Patrícia Rosado Pinto, pro rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Coordinator of NOVA Doctoral School, also stressed the importance of these meetings and delivered the certificates to the promoters of good practices.

The distinguished projects were: “Observar e Aprender da Universidade de Lisboa”, “Cursos MOOC Técnico em flipped- classroom”, “Programa Mentorado do Técnico”, “Dia da Responsabilidade Social- IST campus do Taguspark”, “Plataforma de Boleias do Técnico”, “PhD OPEN DAYS” and “Encontro de Geologia no Técnico”. (full list of good practices).

The project teams shared the initiatives and its results. “There is nothing better than knowing what we do well so that we can apply it to our daily life and get inspired to do something new”.