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Universidade de Lisboa is the 28th best university in Europe

The Europe Teaching Rankings is the first world university ranking that focuses exclusively on a rigorous assessment of teaching quality.

On July 11, the Times Higher Education announced the results of the Europe Teaching Rankings, in which Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) ranks 28th among more than 240 European universities included in this ranking that focuses exclusively in teaching and learning . ULisboa achieves an overall score of 76.5, namely in the performance indicator “outcomes – does the institution generate appropriate outputs for students?”.

This is a pilot ranking whose overall scores are based on the results of the THE European Student Survey – a student engagement survey of more than 30,000 university students, which includes questions on whether teaching supports critical thinking, whether classes challenge students and whether students have the opportunity to interact with staff.

The Europe Teaching Rankings included 13 performance indicators that were grouped into four key areas: Engagement – 40%, Resources – 20%, Outcomes – 20% and Environment – 20%.

The University of Oxford ranks 1st, followed by the University of Cambridge and the Sorbonne University.

The University of Porto and the University of Minho also rank in the Top 50, although with a significant difference when compared with ULisboa. Another four Portuguese institutions feature in the list: Univerity of Aveiro (51-75), Polytechnic Institute of Porto (76-100), University of Coimbra (101-125) and Universidade de Trás dos Montes e Alto Douro (126-150).

These results highlight and recognise the excellence of ULisboa in teaching and learning, both at national and international level. This overall result becomes even more significant because part of these results are based on students feedback.