Campus and Community

Welcome to Técnico (2020/2021)

Despite the current pandemic situation, Técnico will receive and guide the new students during the following weeks.

Welcome to Técnico! This year, and due to the constraints imposed by the pandemic, the welcome sessions had to be redesigned and changed. We have collected all relevant information at

The enrollment process of international students started last Friday, September 11, and will continue until September 18, 2020. Regular students who applied through other special competitions (for example, change of school/course) and master students must enroll between 14-18 September 2020.

The Welcome Week to New Students, placed in the 1st phase of the National Competition for Access to public Higher Education, will run from 28th September to 2nd October 2020.

Students who have already attended Técnico in previous years will carry out the enrollment process remotely with the support of Graduation Area – (Alameda campus) and (Taguspark campus).

The new students must register on Técnico admission platform in order to carry out the enrollment and schedule a visit to the campuses.

We ask students who need to come to Técnico’s campuses – according to the slot that has been allocated to them – to pay attention to the following rules:

• Temperature screening before entering the campus;
• The use of face mask is mandatory, including outdoors;
• Respect the maximum occupancy rates established for indoor spaces;
• Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited;
• Be aware of opening hours for the different activities.