Campus and Community

Welcome to Técnico – 2021/2022

Welcome to Técnico!

Técnico has prepared a Welcome Week full of activities that will guide and support the new students.

All relevant information is available at

The first step is to access the academic admission platform, where students will be able to register and carry out the enrollment process.

International students, Master’s students and students who applied through other special competitions (change of school/course, holders of middle level and higher education courses) must enroll until 24th September. The Welcome Week to new students, placed in the 1st phase of the National Competition for Access to public Higher Education, will run from 27th September to 1st October 2021.

After completing the enrollment process, students will receive detailed information about the campus visit. We ask students to come to Técnico’s campuses according to the slot that has been allocated to them. During the campus visit, students will contact with future colleagues and will be guided by a mentor.

The Técnico’s Orientation Week website provides useful information for Mobility students.

The Welcome Week culminates with the official Welcome Ceremonies. The Welcome Ceremony of 2nd cycle students and mobility students takes place on 24th September. The Welcome Ceremony of 1st cycle students takes place on 1st of October. (Please check schedules)

We ask students to pay attention to the following rules inside the campuses:

• The use of face mask is mandatory, including outdoors;
• Frequent hand disinfection and surface cleaning is recommended;
• Maintain physical distancing;
• Avoid large gatherings.