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What’s on the other side of the mirror at the Mathematics Seminar Series?

The 4th edition of Mathematics Seminar Series, organised by NMATH, will include several lectures, workshops, networking and one original exhibition.

“The Other Side of the Mirror” is the title of an exhibition organised by the Mathematics student group at Técnico (NMATH), which is inspired by the book “Alice in Wonderland” and it’s an invitation to see what’s behind the mirror that is at the main building’s hall: a giant chessboard. Behind each chess piece there is an explanation of a topic, a theorem or an important author.

During the Mathematics Seminar Series, the lectures and workshops are held at Abreu Faro amphitheatre and during the two days, 22nd and 23rd March, different topics will be addressed, such as: mathematical modeling of epidemics, cyber security and machine learning.

According to Miguel Moreira “the event has gone very well, namely the exhibition, because it is visually attractive and make people curious”. The Mathematics Seminar Series close a series of events organised by the different student groups at Técnico and according to the vice-president of NMATH “we often save the best for last”.