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Workshop IST Navigator strengthens ties between the company and Técnico students

The Workshop IST Navigator – Student Edition that took place last Thursday, February 22, was focused on the link between Técnico students and The Navigator Company. The session was organised by the Technology Transfer Office (TT@Técnico) and brought together about twelve students of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and three representatives of the company, which is part of Técnico partner network.

Carolina Belchior and Inês Ramos, Técnico alumnae, are currently working at The Navigator Company and shared the innovative and sustainable vision of the company.

When asked about if they knew The Navigator Company, the audience answered: paper and biomass. Although the answer was not wrong, Carolina stressed that “it is much more than that” and then explained the company’s strategies. “Paper is not white and today you will know why”, said Carolina Belchior. Other topics such as “multidisciplinary teams”, “sustainability and corporate social responsibility” were also addressed.

Inês Ramos spoke about the trainees programme at The Navigator Company. Susana Santos, responsible for recruitment and selection process, took the opportunity to share some opportunities that participants can find at The Navigator Company, namely the summer internships programme.