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Projects developed by Técnico researchers at the exhibition “Futuros de Lisboa”

The exhibition “Futuros de Lisboa” is housed at Praça do Comércio and includes several projects developed by Técnico researchers.

The exhibition “Futuros de Lisboa” was inaugurated on July 12 and aims to explore hypothetical futures for Lisbon.

The exhibition occupies two floors of Museu de Lisboa (West Tower) and twelve rooms, each one addressing hypothetical futures: The Future Throughout Time, The Future of the Past, The Inevitable Future, etc.

The room “the Future is already here” houses the projects developed by Técnico researchers: a robot called “Chico”, a landing autonomous drone on moving target, a hydrogen powered vehicle – SubaH, a hydroelectric power workbench that converts the energy of flowing water into hydroelectric power in an innovative way, among other projects. According to professor Ana Tomé, a representative of Técnico in this exhibition, “the invitation to be part of this exhibition is a recognition from society that Técnico has an important role to play in the construction of these Futures”. “It was very funny to see how others see us: they built a huge table and a lab bench where they placed our objects. I thought it was brilliant”, she added.

Besides promoting the work developed by Técnico researchers, this exhibition also allowed “society to better understand our research”, which according to professor Ana Tomé “it is extremely important for the creation of increasingly strong links between the school and the community, which mutually reinforce each other”.