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Professor Francisco Nunes Correia receives the award “Prémio Carreira AcquaLive 2018”

The award was created in 2012 and aims to distinguish people of recognised merit who have made outstanding contributions to the management and sustainable use of water in Portugal.

On April 13, professor Francisco Nunes Correia received the award “Prémio Carreira AcquaLive 2018”. The Full Professor of Environment and Water Resources at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), feels “happy and very honoured” and recalls that this award “has been assigned since 2012 to a wide range of professionals, including professors and researchers, entrepreneurs and a diplomat who has taken a leading role in Portugal-Spain relations, regarding international rivers”.

The award distinguishes the professor’s contribution to the water sector in Portugal as Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, as responsible for the National Environmental Policy Plan (PNPA) and for his support in the negotiation process between Spain and Portugal on water resources. His role as a member of EIP Water – European Innovation Partnership on Water and his collaboration with OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, namely in Water Governance Initiative and OECD Policy Dialogues on Water Governance were also taken into account by the jury. “It never crossed my mind to work with the purpose of getting awards or distinctions of this kind, but I obviously feel very honoured that people who I much respect have appointed me”, stresses the professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources at Técnico.

The jury of the award “Prémio Carreira AcquaLive 2018” was composed of representatives from: APRH, APESB, APDA, APEMETA and AEPSA, which are part AdP, LNEC, ERSAR and APA. “This is a very special award because the jury is composed of people who have different professional profiles and also because the award winner is elected by secret ballot, which makes this process very transparent”, refers professor Francisco Nunes Correia.

The water resources have been a “mission and a passion” of professor Francisco Nunes Correia throughout almost 40 years. “I am glad I was able to combine teaching and research, consultancy and civic participation. I found great professional achievements in all”, he concluded.