Specialisation course – “Business Strategy for Engineers”

Applications deadline: 26 April 2021. | Dates: 10 May-7 July. - Online.

Much of the real markets we observe are oligopolistic structures, that is, neither perfectly competitive nor monopolistic. It is in these markets that there is a place for the corporate action and reaction strategy, modeled through Game Theory, in which each company (player) has to take into account the impacts of its decisions in the responses of the others. It is essential for engineers to understand this strategic operation, in order to understand the close context in which companies operates.

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of competition and business strategy in oligopolistic markets, with strategies for pricing, product differentiation, or barriers to competition, aiming at obtaining, consolidating and exploiting market power. The programme also includes the analysis of the impacts of competition policy, mergers and acquisitions strategies, integration, disintegration, diversification and internationalisation.

The specialisation course in Business Strategy for Engineers is part of the Specialisation Programme in Management and Engineering, as optional. This course will take place online, via Zoom.

Dates: 10 May to 7 July 2021.

Course schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm
(except for doubts and exams, which are until 8:30 pm).

Applications deadline: 26 April 2021.

More information and Applications. (Only in portuguese)