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Técnico professor receives the IACM O.C. Zienkiewicz Award

Técnico professor was distinguished for his outstanding contributions to the field of Computational Mechanics.

Professor Carlos Mota Soares, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, was distinguished with the O.C. Zienkiewicz Award granted by the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), during the Opening Ceremony of the World Congress on Computational held in Seoul, South Korea.

The IACM O.C. Zienkiewicz Award is given in recognition of outstanding and sustained contributions to the broad field of computational mechanics. These contributions shall generally be in the form of important research results which significantly advance the understanding of theories and methods impacting computational mechanics, but special individual contributions in leadership and administration, industrial applications, and engineering analysis that advance computational mechanics shall also represent accomplishments worthy of recognition.

Carlos Mota Soares is professor at Instituto Superior Técnico since 1977 and was Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and IDMEC – The Mechanical Engineering Institute. He was vice-president and president of APMTAC – Portuguese Association of Theoretical, Applied and Computational Mechanics and in 2002 he became a Fellow of the IACM.