110th Anniversary of Técnico – Virtual ceremony


Técnico will celebrate its 110th anniversary on 21st May 2021, from 14:00 to 16:00.

The 110th Anniversary commemorative concert will be online at 21:30.

We invite the Técnico community, our partners and special guests, to be part of this special day.

Live streaming.


14:00 – Video presentation: adapting during COVID-19 pandemic at Técnico

14:05 – Opening session
Speech by the President of Instituto Superior Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço

14:15 – Speech by the Commissioner of the 110th Anniversary celebrations, professor Ricardo Bayão Horta

14:25 – Técnico community congratulates Instituto Superior Técnico

14:30 – Speech by the President of AEIST, Francisco Santos

14:35 – Speech by the Vice-president of Instituto Superior Técnico for Administrative Management, professor Helena Geirinhas Ramos

14:40 – “25 years of service at Técnico”¹

14:45 – Speech by the Técnico employee Daniel Neves dos Santos, Taguspark Campus

14:50 – Técnico community congratulates Instituto Superior Técnico

14:55 – IST Distinguished Professor Award 2021, professor Paulo Ferrão

15:00 – Speech by the Distinguished Professor Paulo Ferrão

15:05 – “IST Excellent Teachers 2019/2020”¹

15:15 – Speech by the President of Pedagogical Council, professor Teresa Peña

15:20 – IST Outstanding Teaching Award, 1st Cycle (BSc), professor Nuno M. C. Santos

15:25 – Speech by professor Nuno Santos

15:30 – IST Outstanding Teaching Award, 2nd Cycle (MSc), professor Nuno F. V. Roma

15:35 – Speech by professor Nuno Roma

15:40 – Técnico community congratulates Instituto Superior Técnico

15:45 – Speech by the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa, professor António Cruz Serra

15:55 – His Excellency, the President of the Portuguese Republic congratulates Instituto Superior Técnico

16:00 – Closing session

¹The list of award winners/distinguished professors and employees.

17:00Book launch: “Ideias Sobre Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior pela Comunidade do Instituto Superior Técnico, de Maio de 2017 a Dezembro 2020”, compilation of opinion pieces by members of Técnico community in the Portuguese newspaper “Jornal i”. The book will be presented by David Marçal, Science Communicator.

Live streaming

21:30 – Commemorative concert by “Orquestra da Ópera na Academia e na Cidade”. Artur Pinho Maria (Maestro) and Nuno Silva (clarinet).
• Programme
F. Schubert – Symphony No 8 em B minor, D.759, “Unfinished”
C. M. Weber – Concert no. 2 for Clarinet and Orchestra in E flat major, Op. 74

22nd May – 11:00-12:00, live streaming on social media of Instituto Superior Técnico

Explain it like I’m 5 – talks at Técnico for children and other curious people of all ages, with Rogério Colaço, President of Instituto Superior Técnico.

More information “Dia do Técnico 2021”.

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