“Técnico Teaching Model 2021”: Round table and Debate

Técnico - Alameda campus

In the begginning of 2018, Técnico started a process of reflection on its teaching model and pedagogical practices, in order to train engineers capable of anticipating and responding to future challenges. The analysis carried out clearly showed that a new teaching model should be implemented.

The “Técnico Teaching Model 2021” is based on the following pillars: (i) Rigorous and high quality academic training; (ii) active teaching models; (iii) curriculum flexibility; (iv) collaborative, interdisciplinary and multicultural learning; (iv) learning adapted to uncertain and unpredictable situations, and unspecified goals; (v) promotion of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; (vi) social thinking and creation of value; and (vii) matching between the educational model and human resources, infrastructures and workload. In order to put these ideas into practice, a set of measures must be carried out, grouped into three areas: (1) Curricular structure, organisation and philosophy; (2) Pedagogical practices; and (3) Human and material resources, and management model – faculty model.

By adopting the “Técnico Teaching Model 2021”, Técnico will attract international students, researchers and faculty.

A public session to present and discuss the CAMEPP report and the “Técnico Teaching Model 2021”, will take place on November 23, at 11 a.m.


• Opening session
• An overview of “Técnico Teaching Model 2021”
• Round table (Eduardo Marçal Grilo, António Feijó, Isabel Vaz, Gonçalo Azevedo); moderator: Isabel Sá-Correia)
• Debate with the audience.

Venue: IST Congress centre (auditorium) – Civil Engineering building, floors 01 and 02).