The Future is Now

Técnico - Alameda Campus

Técnico has always been committed to improving innovation and the development of society. Currently, the school wants to go beyond its areas of expertise. To this end, a number of initiatives have been developed to support and stimulate the new generations.

Técnico offers its students more than academic training. It strongly invests in new faculty training.

An event to disseminate the several initiatives carried out during this year and an award ceremony will take place on October 24.

These initiatives that are supported by Santander Universities are unique in the national scene and must be recognised, so all Técnico community is invited to participate. The event will start at 9 a.m. and will take place at Salão Nobre.


Programme – The Future is Now, supported by Santander Universities

9 a.m.: Welcome reception

9.30 a.m.: Opening Session

10 a.m.: Babson 2017 – Build Program for Santander Universities Students

10.20 a.m.: TecInnov Santander 2017 – Award Ceremony

11 a.m.: CA2ECTécnico 2017/18 – Award Ceremony – Santander Universities Award

12 p.m.: European Innovation Academy 2017 – A unique experience (testimony)

12.20 p.m.: Start up Funds

1 p.m.: Técnico Business Cards – 100 visit cards will be issued and offered to final year students.