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106 years fighting for students’ interests

AEIST organised a solemn ceremony to commemorate its 106th anniversary.

AEIST celebrated its 106th anniversary this Tuesday, December 12, at Técnico (salão nobre).

The event was attended by students, leaders of several student associations, AEIST’s board members and included a performance by TUIST.

“When we speak of AEIST we speak of evolution, change and the revolutionary role played by students throughout its history”, said João Rodrigues, president of Federação Académica de Lisboa (FAL). “It is undeniable that this association has played a preponderant role over the years to protect students’ interests”, he underlined.

Alexandre Passo, president of AEIST, recalled the role played by students during the flooding episode in 1967, which showed the true spirit of student groups. Investing more in mutual aid and social action will be the priorities of this mandate but, according to Alexandre Passo, the main goal will be “fighting for the interests of our students”.