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10th edition of Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico

Students skills highlighted at Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico.

The 10th edition of Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico took place on 12th and 13th October, at Salão Nobre, and brought together about 160 students eager to improve their skills, to contact with hundreds of companies and to take home lots of opportunities.

The atmosphere experienced by participants in this 2-day event is very different. One day is dedicated to participants’ self-knowledge and how the market can value this. The other day is the ultimate opportunity to transfer that Learning into a positive dialogue with representatives of several companies that participate in the event. During the first day the participants search for their own skills and elaborate their pitch. Miguel Gonçalves, founder of Spark Agency, gives participants some words of motivation and guidance and lists some of the most valued skills by companies. “I want you to show the best of you tomorrow”, he stresses.

“Lessons Learned” is one of the highlights of the first day. Cristina Fonseca, co-founder of Talkdesk and Indico Capital Partners, Rui Teixeira, Board member of EDP and Gonçalo Quadros, co-founder and CEO of Critical Software attended this session. Each one made brief speeches: they spoke about their careers, gave advice on management of opportunities, highlighted the challenges that digital revolution will bring to engineering and the importance of learning from errors and to be surrounded by the right people. “This is a long process that involves a lot of resilience”, said Cristina Fonseca. “Work with the brightest people and learn every day”, said Gonçalo Quadros. “Be curious and try whatever makes you happy. Learn as much as you can from everything that happens to you”.

During the second day, the participants set their own strategies to better communicate their skills and professional wishes and make important contacts with the professionals. “These students have an incredible work rhythm”, says Miguel Gonçalves to the professionals. “In the next few minutes you will have the opportunity to meet some of the best students of our country, with a tremendous potential, so please help them the best you can”. A lot of advices and strategies were given by the professionals in an assertive and direct way. “These kids are incredible”, said many of the professionals.