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AAAIST meeting focused on the knowledge exchange between engineering and medicine

The CEO of Luz Saúde was the invited speaker at a dinner that brought together dozens of alumni.

Técnico Alumni Association (AAAIST) restarted the thematic dinners that bring together current and former students of Instituto Superior Técnico. As in previous events, knowledge, experiences and memories from Técnico are the main topics.

This Thursday, about 160 former students attended a dinner organised by AAAIST on the topic: “Engineers and Doctors – a pact for the future of medicine”. Engineer Isabel Vaz, former student of chemical engineering at Técnico and President of the Executive Committee of Luz Saúde was the invited speaker. In her speech she explained how she ended up in a management position and how engineering and medicine are linked.

“I spent unforgettable years at Técnico”, recalled engineer Isabel Vaz, who also talked about the new paradigms of medicine, how engineering affects our lives and our health, namely in what concerns the diagnosis. The President of the Executive Committee of Luz Saúde believes in a “partnership between engineers and doctors, of which I have the honour to be a member”. “The future will be made of collaborative knowledge networks”, she summarised.

The next dinner will take place in April and professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, will be the invited speaker.