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AEIST: 108 years “protecting students’ rights”

This Wednesday, professors, staff and students celebrated the 108th anniversary of AEIST.

AEIST celebrated its 108th anniversary this Wednesday, 11th December. The ceremony brought together professors, staff and students who recalled important moments and AEIST main goal: protecting students’ rights.

The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, praised the work carried out by AEIST over time and the “very important role it has been playing in the academic life of Técnico students and in Lisbon city”. “We must not forget the great importance that AEIST had in the student-led movements”, stressed the president of Técnico. “I hope that the next 108 years will have the same activity and dynamism until now”.

Teresa Valido, vice president of the Lisbon Academic Federation (FAL), highlighted “the pleasure and the responsibility of being part of a centenary student union” and recalled “AEIST was a founding member of Lisbon Academic Federation”.

According to Francisca Simões, Vice-president student of Pedagogic Board (CP), “AEIST has a determinant role not only within Técnico but also within the context of Portuguese associative movement”. The student also stressed “Técnico had an active role in resisting and fighting for freedom”. “AEIST is close to students and has its doors open to welcome all Técnico community. AEIST is a unifying force that brings students and the entire Técnico community together ”, she added.

Gonçalo Azevedo, School Board representative, praised “the agile and productive relationship between the governing bodies and AEIST”. “AEIST is an irreverent, healthy, young, but experienced, student union. Throughout 108 years of existence, AEIST protected students’ rights and adapted to changes over time”, said Gonçalo Azevedo.

“Celebrating AEIST’s anniversary, it’s celebrating a year that once again has defended students’ interests. I hope it will continue to be a source of joy and pride to all leaders and students”, shared Alexandre Passo, School Assembly representative and former AEIST president.

The AEIST president, Francisco Santos, was visibly happy to see “the strong link between Técnico governing bodies and FAL, which gives us strength to support students”. Francisco Santos also highlighted “the spirit of sacrifice and altruism of leaders who always put AEIST’s mission first”. “Today we are facing a weakened higher education, a serious under-investment in universities, the weakening of infrastructures, and a cost of access to higher education that precludes the possibility of country development”, he added. “We shall fight year after year in order to make higher education grow in a democratic and fair way”.