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CISCO rewards Técnico student

CISCO is a member of Técnico Partner Network.

The 2021/2022 Cisco Merit Award in Networks and Internet Services was delivered this Friday, 16th December to Nuno Martins, the best student in Networks and Internet Services Curricular Unit (MSc Programme in Electrical and Computer Engineering).

“Building strategic partnerships is very important for Técnico”, said the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço. “It makes no sense that an institution like Técnico has its doors closed”, he added. Rogério Colaço ended his speech stressing “awards motivate students and professors, and help to improve the teaching and learning conditions”.

“This is a long-term partnership and we always try to deepen it further”, said engineer João Marques, CISCO representative. “Every year we select many Técnico engineers who contribute to making CISCO a great company”.

“I want to thank professor Paulo Pereira for the way he designed this curricular unit. It has been a great pleasure doing it”, said the awarded student Nuno Martins, who also highlighted “receiving this award feels really good because CISCO is a great company”.

“I would like to thank CISCO for all the support given to our students and to our Department”, said professor Paulo Pereira, responsible for the Networks and Internet Services Curricular Unit.