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Dozens of students attend InnoEnergy dissemination session

InnoEnergy Master School’s team clarified the doubts and awoke the curiosity of those who are not familiar with InnoEnergy Master’s programmes.

Técnico organises an annual event in partnership with  InnoEnergy Master’s School. This year’s edition took place this Wednesday, March 7, at the civil engineering building. “This edition has seen extensive participation by students; they are very interested to know more about our master’s programmes”, stresses Daniela Portugal, Head of Marketing & Communications at InnoEnergy.

The team of ambassadors, who are also MSc students, shared their experiences. The participants have many different doubts: logistic and bureaucratic issues, the partner universities, the adjustment of their degrees to the programme, etc. “There are several students who come to us decided to take this programme, actually there are some students who want to take this programme since the beginning of the course”, shares Marta Abrantes, Project Manager at InnoEnergy and Técnico.

Until now there are 85 students from Técnico attending these programmes. In all, there are about 500 students, from 60 different countries, attending one of the seven master’s programmes, which comprise a 2-year curricular plan divided into two different top-ranked universities including several extracurricular activities. At the end a double-degree is conferred. “Our master’s programmes allow students to make their own curricula, to choose their curricular units, thus addressing their interests and usually this is something that they like” says Marta Abrantes.

Técnico is the only Portuguese institution partner in this programme,  which an advantage for Técnico students who wish to enroll: “besides the grade point average, also the university and the course are taken into account. Being a Técnico student is an added value”, shares Marta Abrantes.

During the event, the ambassadors spoke about how master’s programmes combine engineering with management, the link to industry and the business world, as well as the diversity of enriching experiences included in the programme.