Campus and Community

“For those who like engineering, studying at Técnico is a dream come true”

These are the words by João Gaspar, a student who participated in the first week of “Verão na ULisboa”.

More than 200 students participated in “Verão na ULisboa” 2019. “I hope you have an interesting and nice week, and that you learn new things”, said the president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, at the welcome session. “You will see throughout this week that Técnico is a very special school and that all people who work and study here are very proud to be part of this large community”, he added.

“The days were all different”, says Mariana Rodrigues, a young girl who participated in the event. “It has been an amazing experience. I wasn’t quite sure about choosing an engineering course, but after being here engineering is in my wish-list”, says Inês Palhota, another participant.

The team of Formula Student do Técnico (FST Lisboa) challenged the participants to assemble the major components of a refrigeration cycle. “I had no idea that Técnico had so many student groups and that you do so many interesting things”, shares Alexandre Vieira, a young boy who participated in “Verão na ULisboa”.

Building a spaghetti bridge, finding out how a startup is born, using atmospheric pressure to crash a can, building a rocket, programming a game or making a prosthesis with drinking straws are some activities of this year’s edition at Alameda campus. Creating video games or transforming a remote controlled car into a smart car were the activities that captivated students’ attention at Taguspark campus. ISTsat-1 team organised an activity that allowed students to learn more about technology, orbits and applications used in space.

“I am very glad because it has been great being here “, says João Gaspar, who will go to university next year. “I grew up hearing that Técnico is Portugal’s best engineering school with high graduate employability. For those who like engineering, studying at Técnico is a dream come true”, he adds. João Gaspar aims to enter Técnico next year to study “Electrical engineering or Computer engineering”. “Being here helped me to understand important things: I learnt more about the courses, I learnt a lot about extracurricular activities and I realised that, apart from being a genius, Técnico student is also very friendly”, he says.

This is the 4th time that Constança Cunha participates in “Verão na ULisboa”. “I really like Técnico and engineering has always interested me. I haven’t decided yet about my future so I come every year to clarify my doubts and to try to make a better decision”, she explains. “Besides, there are so many different activities each year that I don’t get bored. This is a great way of spending one week”, she adds.

“It all happened so fast and it was amazing”, says Sara Serpa. Maybe she comes back next year because, as she points out, “Técnico is a large school where there are always new things to discover”.