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FST 08e is breaking records even before start competing

In a single academic year the Formula Student team at Técnico designed and built FST08e.

The Formula Student team at Técnico (FST Lisboa) presented the new prototype – FST08e – this Monday, June 25, at Salão Nobre.

According to Henrique Karas, the team leader, “FST07 was a very good prototype, built by a powerful technical team. Only 5 members moved to our current team, so it was hard to exceed expectations”. After a single academic year, “we have gathered here today to show you the result of our work”. “We want to represent Técnico and our sponsors well, so this is why we worked so hard”, said the team leader.

“Having this space crowded confirm that Técnico students are the driving force”, said professor Luis Castro, Vice-president of IST for Financial Management, who also reaffirmed the proud that the school has of its student groups. “FST Lisboa is already in its 8th car. If we think that the first one took 4 years to be built, we see how the team evolved during its 17 years of existence”, said the Vice-president. Participating in such projects, “it’s an extra motivation that Técnico students have during their course. We will continue to be very proud of FST Lisboa”, added professor Luis Castro.

Nelson Teodoro, Marketing Director at Novabase, shared that “we are very proud to be a partner of this project since 2010, which brings the company two huge benefits: investing in innovation, technological development and multidisciplinary teams; and having privileged access to students’ talent”. “We must all be proud because although it seems that they are diverting away from their courses, they are acquiring very important skills and experiences for their future”.

After a brief speech by the president of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, professor Pedro Coelho, who also stressed “the talent and commitment of this team”, Henrique Karas shared FST 08e technical innovations: “We made slight changes and improvements and we tried to increase reliability based on the existing engineering processes and solutions, weight reduction and increased testing time”.

This year, FST 08e will participate in three international events to be held in Italy, Czech Republic and Spain.