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“Returning to Técnico is going back to the start”

These are the words of a former student of Chemical Engineering who came to Técnico to attend the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Chemical Engineering course.

Last Friday, June 15, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Técnico welcomed the alumni who finished the course of Chemical Engineering in 1968.

According to Luís Louro Vasco, former student, the major motivation for returning to Técnico is “to reunite with old friends who were very important to me”. “I decided to come because it’s always good to meet again former colleagues and former professors”, said Rui Albergaria. The alumna Maria Cidália Carvalho agrees and says that these colleagues helped her to overcome some obstacles: “Although Fine Arts was my first option, at that time girls had two options: Chemistry or Medicine, so I ended up here. I didn’t like very much the course but my colleagues helped me to overcome it more easily”. The Department of Chemical Engineering organised a photograph exhibition that allowed everyone to make a journey through time.

Rui Neves, one of the main organisers, noted that “returning to Técnico is going back to the start”. The president of DEQ, professor Teresa Duarte, and the Vice-president for Communication and Image at Técnico, professor Palmira Silva stressed the pleasure and the honour of welcoming former students: “You were very important for Técnico because you have contributed to the spreading of Técnico’ s excellence”, said professor Teresa Duarte. “This is your home, so whenever you want to come back please remember that”, added professor Palmira Silva.