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“I’ve had an unexpectedly good week”

Students from Basic Education were fascinated with the several activities of Verão na Ulisboa.

“My mother told me that I was coming to Verão na Ulisboa, so there was nothing I could do. I won’t get angry with her because I actually enjoyed being here”, said André Lopo, 14 year-old student. “I had an unexpectedly good week”, he said. André is one of the students who attended Verão na ULisboa “not by his own free will” but, at the end, they all enjoyed a lot. There were those who already knew this summer programme, organised by Universidade de Lisboa, or knew some friends who participated in previous years, thus they did not hesitate to come. Leonor Martins searched the web dozens of times until she could apply to Verão na ULisboa and asked her parents to come: “I always imagined myself as an engineer and this is a way of knowing if what I thought about engineering is right”. “I think that Técnico students study a lot, but I am sure that’s why they are top engineers, as I will be in a few years”, noted the student.

Discovering the careers of the future was the challenge for the young people, at Alameda campus, who had the opportunity to participate in activities related to architecture, electronics, aerospace and many others. The activities at Taguspark campus were focused on video games and smart cars.

João Richart, is 14 years old and he wants to “quickly” decide what to do in the future. He would like to come to Técnico “to become a computer engineer”, he says. Whoever saw him programming the sounds of each banana knows that he has a talent for that. João Botto “is almost sure” that he wants to become a mechanical engineer, but he knows that he has to come to Técnico “for sure”: “because it’s a unique opportunity. Técnico is one of the top Portuguese universities”, he explains.

Although all these students will enter the university in a few years, they share the same ideas: they enjoy doing the activities, they know that engineering is fun and they are sure that they will come back next year.

This year’s edition comes to an end and, as in previous years, brought together Basic and High school students. The first week was addressed to secondary school students. Find out more about that week here.