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Industrial Engineering and Management student wins Jerónimo Martins Merit Award

The ceremony took place on 23rd November at Taguspark Campus.

The Jerónimo Martins Merit Award in Industrial Engineering and Management was delivered on 23rd November to Maria Benedita Alvim, the best Técnico student enrolled in the 1st year of the Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. The award ceremony took place at Técnico – Taguspark Campus. The students Gustavo Pinhal do Canto, Maria Benedita da Câmara Pina Melo e Alvim, Maria Margarida Magalhães Esquível Pereira, Pedro Sousa Melo Alves and Tomás Miguel Gomes Teixeira presented themselves to a jury composed of two Técnico professors, Ana Póvoa and Tânia Pinto Varela, and a representative of the Jeronimo Martins group, engineer Paulo Jesus.

Maria Benedita Alvim stood out from her colleagues and won the merit award, worth €2,250. “I have great admiration for the Jeronimo Martins group because it operates in several different markets, managing to maintain an enormous national and international success. So, just the possibility of following in the same footsteps and expanding around the world is an excellent opportunity”. The student explained that the idea of doing an international master’s degree would be to bring with her all the knowledge learned abroad, and return later to work and invest in her country.

The Jerónimo Martins group also made a donation to the Department of Engineering and Management (DEG) for the improvement of teaching and learning conditions. “This money will be used to purchase software, for our logistics laboratory and to support students in their activities”, explains Professor Ana Póvoa, Head of DEG.

In the end, engineer Paulo Jesus stressed that the partnership between Técnico and Jeronimo Martins Group will continue. “Jerónimo Martins has a lot to offer, apart from monetary support, internships, research projects and many opportunities. It’s always good to have a quality faculty, an excellent university ecosystem and lots of talent for us to help develop (and recruit), contributing to this permanent process of evolution. So, you can count on us, for the long term.”