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Kearney continues to recognise the merit of Técnico students

In addition to the Kearney Class Excellence Award, two honorable mentions were delivered to students enrolled in Probability and Statistics course unit.

The Técnico student João Camareiro (Applied Mathematics and Computation), won the 3rd edition of the Kearney Class Excellence Award. Also the Técnico students David Nassauer (Applied Mathematics and Computation), and João Rocha (Computer Science and Engineering), won two honorable mentions for their excellent academic performance. The 3 students obtained a final classification of 19 points in Probability and Statistics course unit. The tie breaker rule was the students’ average score in all 1st year subjects.

The award ceremony took place during the renewal of the partnership between Instituto Superior Técnico and Kearney.

Pedro Vasques, Principal at Kearney, highlighted “this award recognizes the academic merit of students and the teaching quality at Técnico. This year we deliver an award and two honorable mentions, which shows a healthy competition and proves that there are a lot of talent in this course unit and at Técnico”, he stressed.

A donation of €867 was awarded to the Department of Mathematics (DM) for the improvement of teaching quality. The DM representatives were professors António Pacheco Pires (coordinator of Probability and Statistics course unit) and José Mourão (Head of the DM).