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Everis delivers another Merit Award in Machine Learning to Técnico students

Everis continues to recognise the merit and talent of Técnico students. “Team D”, composed of Técnico students Gonçalo Melo and André Patrício, won the 2nd edition of the Everis Merit Award in Machine Learning. This award (€1,300) is delivered annually and recognises the performance and academic merit of the best team in Machine Learning Curricular Unit of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in the academic year 2019/2020.

The three competing teams were challenged to develop a project around different neural network architectures. The jury was composed of professor Andreas Wichert, senior lecturer of machine learning and professor Eugénio Ribeiro, lecturer of machine learning, Hugo Balseiro Santos, Head of Data & Analytics at everis and José Varela, Lead data Scientist at Everis.

“This was a very enriching experience for me. It allows us to test our knowledge in machine learning. I am very grateful for having gone through this challenge, and I think it’s important for us so that we become more complete engineers”, highlighted the student Auletta Eleonora. “We didn’t work hard on this project just because of the award, but obviously it introduces an extra level of competition and helps us to keep motivated”, said Gonçalo Melo. “I believe that this project is also very important because it gives us the opportunity to improve our communication skills, in parallel with our study”, he said.

“Técnico is a very important brand. The talent that comes from this school is unique ”, said Hugo Balseiro. “I want to congratulate the professors for their amazing work with students because, in fact, they are very well prepared”, he said.

The president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, highlighted the importance of this event and thanked everis for joining Técnico in this award. “Ten years ago, this kind of initiative was very unusual. It’s good to see that this is changing and that there are more and more initiatives that allow us to recognise merit and work. This is a very stimulating and important opportunity for our students and it is a pleasure for me to see so much talent gathered in this session”, concluded the president of Técnico.

The Everis Merit Award in Machine Learning results from a partnership between everis and Técnico. Besides this award, everis also gives a monetary prize to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) to improve the quality of teaching.