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Xpand IT continues to increase its support for Técnico students

This Friday, the global technology company offered three new scholarships.

Xpand IT delivered three scholarships “Xpand IT – Missão Aproximar – Educação” this Friday, 14th February.

According to the IST vice-president for Academic Affairs, professor Alexandre Francisco, “these scholarships are very important because they recognise the merit of our students at a very important stage of their lives”.

Professor José Carlos Monteiro, president of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI), highlighted the importance of these scholarships because they are aimed at DEI students and they allow a strong collaboration between the company and DEI. “Despite giving these scholarships, Xpand IT makes an effort to diversify its collaboration with Técnico”.

Rui Maia, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Xpand IT, shared that the company intends to widen its support. “We are really interested in Técnico and in its students. We want to thank Técnico for training our young people and we want to recognise students’ achievements”. “When entering the job market choose companies like Xpand-IT that make this effort and investment in our young people, because this social responsibility is in fact increasingly important”, said Rui Maia.

André Gonçalves, Daniela Castanho and João Simões, the new scholarship recipients, thanked Xpand IT for the support. “When I applied for this scholarship, I didn’t think I was going to get it. I’m very happy and thankful for this opportunity because it will make a difference in my academic journey”, said Daniela Castanho. André Gonçalves also expressed his gratitude for “this support and trust that the company places in us”. “This ends up being an increased responsibility. We don’t want to defraud the expectations placed on us. I hope to repay Xpand IT’ s confidence in me”, stressed the student. “I personally want to extend my thanks to Técnico for celebrating these kind of partnerships that are so important for students”, said João Simões. Sara Machado’s scholarship was renewed for the second consecutive year. “This is a great encouragement for us because we feel that the company recognises our value and supports us, and that is very important”, said Sara Machado.

According to professor Nuno Mamede, representative of the BSc degree in Information Systems and Computer Engineering (LEIC), “financial difficulties affect the academic performance of these students. These scholarships support and encourage students to succeed”.