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Large crowd attends McKinsey & Company information session

The information session gave students the opportunity to learn more about the global management consulting firm.

The McKinsey & Company presentation session at Alameda campus took place this Wednesday, 13th March. The large audience had the opportunity to learn more about the global management consulting firm, which is part of Técnico Partner Network.

Nuno Meneses, Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company and Francisco Marques, Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company and also Técnico alumni, presented the company and clarified the students doubts. “We want to clarify your doubts and to enlighten you about our work”, said Nuno Meneses. The opportunities at McKinsey in the technology area, the tricks that people should use to be successful during the recruitment process, the importance of getting an MBA in the consulting area and the most valued skills by employers, were some of the students doubts.

The Técnico alumni talked about the diversity of working areas at McKinsey and the advantages of having Técnico students working in the company. They also shared with the audience that “people are our most important resource” and “the success of someone is the success of all of us”. “Studying at Técnico gives us the opportunity to improve our problem-solving skills”, said Nuno Meneses.

The interaction between the Técnico almuni and the audience, and also the question answers session,  showed the students interest about the company and the consultancy area.