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New students 2023/24: First steps, registration and welcome week

The registration period for the new students admitted through the several calls will take place from 28th August to 11th September. The Welcome Week will take place from 4th to 10th September.

The registration process for the new Técnico students takes place online from 29th August to 11th September, and is followed by several tasks and configurations that each student must complete.

We invite all students to participate in the welcome activities, which take place during the Welcome Week, from 4th to 10th September.

Registration and Sign in:

The registration process will take place online, from 9 a.m. of the first day to 5 p.m. of the last day, as follows:

Undergraduate Programmes (National Call): from 28th to 30th August (1st Call) and from 17th to 19th of September (2nd Call)

Undergraduate Programmes (Students Aged over 23 and Holders of Middle Level/Higher Education Courses): from 4th to 8th September

Undergraduate Programmes (Students Changing Course): from 8th to 11th September

Master’s Programmes: from 4th to 8th September

Undergraduate and Master’s Programmes (International Students): from 4th to 8th September

Mobility Students (incoming): students must carry out the registration process as indicated by the Mobility and International Cooperation Office.

Students admitted through the National Call must sign into the Connect platform and validate their identity, preferably using the Digital Mobile Key associated with the Citizen’s Card, so that the registration can be done in a simpler and more autonomous way. The Digital Mobile Key can be requested at the Autenticação.Gov portal.

Welcome Week

During the Welcome Week, which takes place from 4th to 8th September, the new students will visit the campus and will be welcomed by the Técnico community: Mentors, Course Coordinators, Students’ Union, Student Organisations, Tutors and the Governing Bodies.

During the week and also on the weekend 9th and 10th September), new students will have the opportunity to participate in several cultural activities to get to know the city of Lisbon and their future colleagues.

The welcoming activities for students admitted through the 2nd Call of the National Admission will take place on 18 and 19 September.

Important information such as the schedule of visits and campus activities is available on the following web page:

First steps at Técnico