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Professor José Brandão Faria becomes IEEE Life Fellow Member

José Brandão Faria, professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) and researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) was recently elevated to IEEE Life Fellow Member, a lifetime distinction from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that is proof of an intense and long-term R&D activity carried out by the Técnico professor. The designation Life Member is applicable only to a member who has reached the age of 65 years and who has been a member of IEEE (or one of its predecessor societies) for such a period that the sum of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years.

“IEEE has half a million members spread across the seven continents, who produce / disseminate important scientific knowledge for the many subfields of Electrical and Computer Engineering and, as we all know, Técnico and ULisboa are very well positioned in international ‘rankings’”, highlights professor José Brandão Faria. “The designation ‘Fellow’ recognizes the value and outstanding contributions of its members, and the ‘Life’ status is based on an individual’s membership”, adds the Técnico professor.

The DEEC professor still remembers the day he presented “his first work to IEEE, in Vancouver, in 1985 ”. He hasn’t stopped since. This year, he has already submitted two more contributions to the IEEE in his area of expertise: applied electromagnetism / Multiconductor Transmission-Line Structure.

“Becoming an IEEE Life Fellow Member is, above all, the extension of a commitment”, says the Técnico professor. “It forces me not to drop my guard. It forces me to continue working, to support my collaborators and my students”, he adds.

Professor José Brandão Faria joins a restricted group of researchers from all over the world. Until now, only one Portuguese female professor was part of this group: Teresa Correia de Barros, who is also professor at Técnico.