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Técnico increasingly attracts student mobility

This year, about 700 students from many different countries chose Técnico to pursue their studies over a period of one or more semesters.

This year, about 700 students from many different countries chose Técnico to pursue their studies. These students come from Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, etc.), and from other parts of the world (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China and Colombia).

During the week, the students were divided into groups and had the opportunity to get to know the School, learn more about the academic courses and procedures, and to get acquainted with Campus.

Davide Perico comes from the Politecnico di Milano. He heard about Técnico prestige when he started to think about studying abroad. “I heard that Técnico is a School of Excellence, highly regarded in several areas, namely Artificial Intelligence, which is an area that interests me a lot”. He will spend the next 6 months in Portugal and he expects “to learn a lot, to get to know Portugal and of course to have fun”, he says.

The prestige of Técnico and Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) also attracted Elise Gkionis. “I know that ULisboa is the biggest university in Portugal, highly reputed, which has influenced my choice”, she says. She comes from France and she chose Técnico to complete her MSc degree in Chemistry, to meet new and interesting people. “I hope the course is as interesting as it seems and that I can learn many new things”, she shares.

The traditional Welcome Ceremony took place online, this Friday, September 24. “Técnico is the best engineering school in Portugal and attracts the best students in the country, so you will have the opportunity to meet the brightest Portuguese students,” said professor Fátima Montemor, Vice-president of Técnico for Research and International Affairs. “I must say that Técnico professors are very demanding. You will spend a pleasant time here and we will challenge you to participate in very demanding academic activities, but I am sure that you will enjoy and you will have the opportunity to learn from the best”, she added.

Professor Fátima Montemor highlighted Técnico academic offer, scientific research, partnerships with other universities and companies, the entrepreneurial spirit of Técnico students that resulted in the creation of many spin-offs, and the “multicultural environment” at Técnico. “Thank you for choosing Técnico. I hope that you meet many new people and make new friends during these months, and that you enjoy your studies here”.

The Welcome Ceremony was also attended by Luís Moreira, coordinator of the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI), and students from the Student Support Unit (NAPE) who guided the students in these early days.

The Orientation Week runs until Sunday, September 26, providing students with a wide range of activities that will allow them to get acquainted and discover our country.